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Fast-food workers in 30 countries participate in biggest food strike in history

Today will mark the largest fast food strike ever, spreading far beyond U.S. borders. Organizers expect to rally in more than 150 U.S. cities and in cities in over 30 different countries. Fast Food Forward, a New York-based labor group, and the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Association (IUF) have joined forces to help orchestrate the fast food employee walk-off. The goal of a global call to action is to usher in change, so that this $200 billion industry stops exploiting their employees with low wages and preventing them from unionizing.

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!!!!! Scum

Higher wages mean higher priced products which means patrons take their business elsewhere which means McDonald’s will cut jobs to keep from closing their business.

I can’t wait for this experiment to fail.

$15? Registered nurses don’t even make that much. You want a job that pays enough to raise a family? Go back to school and become a doctor - don’t be the guy that asks if I’d like fries with that.

You know, if people actually knew how economics worked and used their brains, then feel-good do-something-ism like this would be a lot less common.

Higher employment costs for companies have to be covered somehow to keep he business afloat, so product prices go up to compensate.  Seriously, it’s the biggest no-brainer.

If McDonald’s raised minimum wage (in the U.S.) to fifteen dollars (unlikely) they would have to only raise the prices of most of their burgers by a nickel to compensate. I really don’t want to hear anyone complain about the “economics” of it when I know it will hardly affect it at all. Plus the chances they raise it to fifteen is unlikely anyhow so they won’t have to raise prices near as much. Also registered nurses DEFINITELY make more than 15 dollars an hour. That’s a preposterous statement. There does need to be a raise in minimum wage, it does not need to be 15 dollars (McDonald’s here have raised to 10 I hear, which I still think is too high), and it would not affect things economically as much as you think.

And to add on more how can you just say “just go to school” oh yeah okay everybody has the chance to go to college. My bad. I am not big on handouts by any means but making it to where people can possibly live a tad better with consequences not near as bad as some other dumbass choices that have been made governmentally that have caused much more detrimental effects seems like a decent idea to me.

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    Uh, I’m sorry but if I’m in the military and I get paid shit, I HIGHLY doubt you assholes in fast food deserve more pay....
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