19 and adulthood is bullshit. I like a little bit of everything. Open-minded. Sarcastic. Kinda an asshole. Trying to work on it I guess.. in college now. Stressed, but I'll live.



if anyone ever asks me what tumblr is i’m gonna show them this video and just walk away


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POZ Video Premiere: Sledding With Tigers - “Not So Bosy Posi After All”



PropertyOfZack is happy to be debuting a new music video for Sledding With Tigers' “Not So Bosy Posi After All.” The song comes off of the band's new album, A Necessary Bummer, which is available now on Antique Records. Watch the video below!

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i remember one time the simpsons made a joke about fox news and they got so insulted they tried to sue them but the court was like “this aired on ur network u can’t sue urself”